The Dobrogea wind power plant starts operations in Romania

The first wind turbines of the Fantanele-Cogealac wind power plant, near the Black Sea in the Romanian province of Dobrogea, have started producing wind energy. When completed in 2012, its capacity will amount to 600 MW and it will be the largest wind farm unit in continental Europe.

The wind farm, which was built by the Czech company CEZ, will consist of 139 wind turbines, amounting to a total capacity of 347.5 MW on the Fantanele site and 101 wind turbines totalizing 252.5 MW on the adjacent Cogealac site. The overall estimated investment is 1.1 billion euros.

According to the construction schedule, the Fantanele section will be completed within this year, while works at the Cogealac site will begin in 2011. When the wind power plant will be completed, its capacity will be almost twice as high as the 322 MW Whitelee facility in Scotland, currently the largest onshore wind farm in Europe.

Only recently has wind energy started to develop in Romania, though it is set to undergo remarkable growth. Only 14 MW have been installed, including the capacity at Fantanele, but the potential that can be exploited is estimated in about 14,000 MW. Several Western companies, including Enel Green Power, Iberdrola Renovables and EDP, are planning on making wind energy investments in this country.