Samsung Heavy Industries chooses GL Garrad Hassan’s SCADA solution for its wind turbines

GL Garrad Hassan has developed an interface between the GH SCADA solution and the Samsung Heavy Industries wind turbine. Currently, the system is being utilized to monitor and control the wind turbines, undergoing long-term testing at the two wind farm sites in Lubbock, Texas, USA and Yeoungheung in Korea.

GL Garrad Hassan delivered the two wind energy projects as turnkey contracts. It can also be deployed as GH SCADA Express which is a license only model to allow manufacturers to deploy the systems themselves.

GH SCADA provides high data coverage, superior information quality, complete independence and access to high speed data direct from the wind turbines.

"Using the GH SCADA solution gives Samsung and other manufacturers a quick and risk free route to providing a fully internationalised, high functionality SCADA and reporting system that meets both their wind power needs and those of their clients." said Gordon Smith, Global Practice Head of GH SCADA at GL Garrad Hassan.

"Our engineers were on site for the commissioning of the first turbine in Lubbock, ensuring that the system was available as soon as operation started."

Samsung Heavy Industries stated that "Samsung Heavy Industries selected GL Garrad Hassan’s SCADA system for monitoring and control of our wind turbine. Its key features are the functionality of reporting and it’s compatibility with turbine controller."

GL Garrad Hassan provides its GH SCADA solution for monitoring and control of over 5 GW of installed wind power capacity representing over 3,500 wind turbines world wide.

GH SCADA is used for many wind turbines including Vestas, Gamesa, GE, Siemens, Mitsubishi, STX, Enercon, Nordex, CPC, XEMC, Nordic, and Repower. With GL Garrad Hassan’s global presence turnkey installations or support for license only deployments anywhere in the world can be offered.

Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd. are proud to supply wind turbines that ensure high efficiency and stability based on the technological capabilities they have built for 35 years in the shipbuilding, offshore plant, construction & engineering and digital system industries.

Samsung Heavy Industries Co., Ltd provide a clean energy solution beneficially to both human beings and the natural environment.