Wind Energy America Inc. Announces Pennsylvania Project

 Grosser Mountain Wind I, LLC is the WEA’s first Pennsylvania wind farm and is located northeast of Harrisburg. At project build-out, WEA anticipates 20 MW, or more, of power generating capacity from Grosser Mountain Wind I ("GMW").

Collection of site specific wind data will commence at GMW with the installation of a 60 meter (200 ft.) NRG Systems meteorological tower transmitting data back to EAPC Wind Energy, via an Iridium satellite uplink.

Contracts for installation and monitoring of the wind data have been executed. While wind data is collected, additional important development milestones including, without limitation, interconnection engineering, wind turbine engineering and obtaining turbine debt financing, must be completed by WEA.

Accordingly, WEA cautions that project commissioning (completion) at GMW is not expected until at least the end of the WEA’s fiscal 2011-12 year, or later depending upon future events.

This project is one of several in WEA’s project pipeline, initiated by the current management team prior to joining WEA in November of 2009. "Moving forward with our Pennsylvania project will help Wind Energy America make progress on the execution of our growth plans." said Brian Hill, Chief Development Officer of WEA.

WEA is one of the few publicly traded companies exclusively operating and developing renewable, utility scale, wind energy. Through wholly-owned subsidiaries, WEA owns developer’s interests in three wind farms on Buffalo Ridge in southwest Minnesota which contain 79 wind turbines totaling 53.46 MW.

WEA has commissioned 2.8 MW of its 5.6 MW projects in Osceola County, Iowa and Lincoln County, Minnesota. It expects to commission the remaining 2.8 MW in the next few months. WEA has other active projects and requests for interconnection of new wind energy generation facilities in Minnesota, Wyoming, and other locations throughout the U.S. WEA also continues its work assessing the feasibility of various wind power project opportunities throughout the U.S.