Iberdrola Renewables generated almost 50% of its wind energy in the US

Iberdrola Renovables generated almost 50% of its wind energy in the US. The Company increased its wind power generation in the US by 31.7% between April and June to 2,962 million kilowatt hours (kWh).

Iberdrola Renovables now has 41 wind farms in the US with installed capacity of 3,877 MW and has further cemented its position as the second largest wind farm player in the country. The company’s worldwide output totalled 12,858 million kWh in the first half of 2010, up 21.5% on the same period in 2009.

Iberdrola Renovables has installed capacity of 11,406 MW in 12 countries, having added 1,403 MW over the last 12 months, strengthening its sector leadership worldwide.

Iberdrola Renovables, the world’s leading wind energy company, produced 6,046 million kilowatt hours (kWh) at all its facilities around the world in the second quarter of 2010, an increase of 16.5 % on the same period last year.

Of the total, 5,771 million kWh were generated by the company’s wind turbines, which continued to form the core of Iberdrola Renovables’ business in the quarter, accounting for 95.5% of the generation mix. Of the total, 2,962 million kWh was generated in the US, 2,171 million kWh in Spain, 417 million kWh in the ROW (the rest of Europe and South America), and 221 million kWh in the UK.

The largest increases in wind farm output between April and June were registered in the US, with 31.7% (+713 million kWh vs. the second quarter of 2009); the ROW, with 20.2% (+70 million kWh), and Spain, with 5.3% (+110 million kWh).

Meanwhile, the output of small-scale hydroelectric plants – all of which are located in Spain – stood at 259 million kWh in the quarter, with other technologies, such as biomass or solar thermal, contributing a further 16 million kWh.

In the first half of 2010 Iberdrola Renovables generated 12,858 million kWh, up 21.5%, with significant contributions from Spanish (5,699 million kWh, up 22.3%) and US (5,051 million kWh, an increase of 26.9%) wind farms. Small-scale hydroelectric plant output advanced 38.6% between January and June to 465 million kWh.

Global leader by installed capacity

Iberdrola Renewables is the world leader in terms of installed capacity, with 11,406 megawatts (MW), having increased its total capacity by 1,402 MW over the past 12 months. A total of 51% of this capacity is now located outside Spain with the strongest growth over the past year reported in the US, where installed capacity has increased by 773 MW to 3,877 MW.

A significant part of the company’s growth is in the US, due, among other factors, to the favourable regulatory environment there. To date the company has already received $577 million in grants from the US government, which it will reinvest in further projects in the country. Last June the company brought the Peñascal wind farm in the state of Texas on stream, its largest facility with a capacity of 404 MW.

The company’s installed capacity in Spain now totals 5,588 MW. The capacity of its wind farms has increased by 463 MW over the last year to 5,194 MW. It also has 342 MW of small-scale hydroelectric capacity in Spain, 50 MW at the solar thermal plant in Puertollano, Ciudad Real, and 2 MW at its first forestry biomass power plant in Corduente, Guadalajara.

By region, the largest share of its installed wind energy capacity is in Castile-La Mancha (1,981 MW), followed by Castile and León (1,222 MW), Andalusia (803 MW), Galicia (627 MW); Aragon (278 MW), La Rioja (248 MW), the Basque Country (153 MW), Murcia (146 MW), Valencia (56 MW), Navarre (44 MW), Cantabria (23 MW), Extremadura (5 MW) and Madrid (1 MW).

Iberdrola Renovables’ capacity in the rest of the world stands at 1,099 MW. It has 283 MW in France, 219 MW in Greece, 161 MW in Poland, 92 MW in Portugal, 80 MW in Mexico, 63 MW in Germany, 66 MW in Italy, 86 MW in Hungary and 49 MW in Brazil.

The company, which has cemented its position as the benchmark company in the sector, is also the biggest investor. As a result it is now the leading player in renewables in Spain, the UK and Spain and ranks second in the US.

The Iberdrola subsidiary is present in 23 countries and has assets in operation in twelve markets: Spain, the United States, the UK, Greece, France, Poland, Italy, Portugal, Mexico, Germany, Brazil and Hungary.