Hydro-Quebec gets 44 submissions for wind farm projects (500 MW)

Hydro-Québec Distribution today proceeded with the public opening of bids received for the tender launched April 30, 2009 for the purchase of two separate blocks of 250 MW of electricity produced from wind energy in Quebec, one from indigenous wind power projects and the other from community wind power projects, for a total installed capacity of 500 MW.

A total of 44 bids from 16 wind farm developers and totaling 1051 MW have been received and are distributed as follows:

* 13 bids for 319 MW block Aboriginal;
* 31 bids for 732 MW for the block community.

Over the coming months, Hydro-Québec Distribution will analyze the bid compliance and subsequently a detailed evaluation of them.

Hydro-Quebec Distribution remember that each wind turbines project must be subject to a maximum size of 25 MW and the duration of contracts is set at twenty years. In addition, the tender includes obligations related to local content of each project:

-A minimum of 60% of the total costs of each wind farm must be incurred in Quebec;

-A minimum of 30% of the cost of wind turbines will be engaged in the RCM of Matane and the administrative region of Gaspésie-Îles-de-la-Madeleine.

The successful bids should be announced around the end of 2010. Once contracts are signed, they must be approved by the Board of Energy and the proponents will be responsible for obtaining all necessary authorizations and permits required for construction of wind farms. The delivery of electricity must begin between 1 December 2013 and 1 December 2015.

Since the launch of the tender, Hydro-Québec Distribution has worked with Deloitte inc. in the implementation of the tendering procedure and award for purchases of electricity and in the process of bid evaluation.