Mass Megawatts continues technological advances for their MAT wind turbines

While the augmenter technology has been proven effective at increasing wind velocity upwards of 70%, the new implementation of a "wind prism" is designed to additionally enhance output. It works by smoothing the internal sides of the augmenter with a fitted material, thereby decreasing turbulence resulting in still higher wind speeds and greater electricity generation. This will become a permanent fixture in the MAT augmenter technology.

In other news, Mass Megawatts raised enough funds recently to eliminate its remaining debt. The company also raised enough cash to expand its ongoing operations. Mass Megawatts, a company with only nine million shares issued and outstanding, has essentially reduced to near zero all company debt. Additionally, the Company no longer experiences a severe cash flow problem.

Most of the time including the recent past, Mass Megawatts was burdened with cash and debt issues. As a result, Mass Megawatts is now financially poised to achieve their next goal of preparation for mass production of their MAT wind turbines. Once independent, third-party verification of the latest technology of the "Wind Prism" is completed, Mass Megawatts can effectively expand the marketing of their product as having a competitive edge over the standard propeller-style technologies.