Wheego Electric Vehicles Now on Schedule

WHEEGO ELECTRIC CARS today announced the Wheego Whip LSV is available on the General Services Administration Schedule 23 for Low Speed Vehicles (LSVs).

The GSA contract facilitates Wheego Electric Cars selling LSVs to Federal Agencies, affiliated companies and military installations across the U.S.

"The Wheego Whip LSV is an excellent choice for government fleets," explains Wheego President Jeff Boyd. "It is one of the few all-electric vehicles on the GSA schedule that is a ‘real’ car and not a golf cart. It is street-legal, with an all-steel body, enclosed cabin, heater and radio, plus available air conditioning. It’s all-electric and produces zero emissions, so it will help government agencies meet their federally mandated energy conservation goals. We anticipate our highway-speed car, the Wheego LiFe, will be added to the GSA Schedule after it launches in the U.S. in September."

Executive Order 13423 – "Strengthening Federal Environmental, Energy, and Transportation Management," signed by former President George W. Bush, mandates that federal agencies (a) improve energy efficiency and reduce greenhouse gas emissions of the agency, through reduction of energy intensity by (i) 3 percent annually through the end of fiscal year 2015, or (ii) 30 percent by the end of fiscal year 2015, relative to the baseline of the agency’s energy use in fiscal year 2003.

The initial Wheego offering is the Whip LSV, which is available now. The Whip LSV is an all-electric low speed vehicle which can be driven on roads with posted speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less, including streets on military bases across the U.S. The Wheego Whip LSV is now listed on GSA Schedule 23 for LSV’s under contract number GS-30F-0036W.

The next Wheego offering, the Lithium-based full-speed Wheego LiFe, will begin shipping to customers across the U.S. in September. It will go approximately 100 miles on a charge, and will be fully crash-tested and highway-ready. Wheego is taking reservations for the Wheego LiFe now at Wheego.net.

Wheego Electric Cars is an innovation-driven and environmentally-conscious manufacturer of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Under the leadership of Mike McQuary, CEO and former MindSpring entrepreneur, Wheego Electric Cars has become a leader in the integration of advanced technology components. Wheego Electric Cars is one of the first EV companies to deliver affordable fully capable, street legal all-electric cars for everyday consumer use.

The Wheego all-electric cars are sold through a nationwide dealer network. Dealers interested in representing the Wheego brand should contact Jeff Boyd at jboyd(at)wheego(dot)net.