Plugless Power? is the world?s first ?hands-free? charging system for electric vehicles

EVatran, the manufacturer of the world’s first "hands-free" electric vehicle supply equipment (EVSE), announced it will receive a $1.25 million grant through Wythe County’s Joint Industrial Development Authority to support applied research leading to the commercialization of Plugless Power charging technology for electric vehicles.

The grant from the Virginia Tobacco Indemnification and Community Revitalization is one of three approved under a new R&D initiative to spur development leading to green jobs and investment for southwest and southern Virginia.

"Virginia Tobacco Commission Members are extremely proud to make this award," said TIC Commissioner Linda DiYorio. "The business application and subsequent evaluation report from the Virginia Economic Development Partnership represent initiative for the 21st Century and beyond. The commission expects Evatran to contribute both a positive economic impact to Southwest Virginia and a strong remedy for our Nation’s energy challenges."

Senator Phillip Puckett added, "The R&D Committee [and Tobacco Commission] is excited about awarding the grant to Evatran. It is the beginning of an new era in clean tech manufacturing."

In the inaugural year of the grant, Evatran competed among fourteen applicants. Five finalists underwent in-depth technical and commercial evaluation. Evatran emerged as a frontrunner following the April 8th review and was named the winner of the $1.25 million grant on April 29th.

According to Rebecca Hough, co-founder and director of sales and marketing for Evatran, "Our company is extremely proud to receive this award, a validation of our technology and our leadership team."

Plugless Power EVSE is based on the 100-year old principle of inductive charging. By applying proven technology to make charging electric cars more convenient, Evatran is bolstering the electric car market while generating economic opportunities for the region.

Evatran is the manufacturer of Plugless Power, the world’s first "hands-free" charging system for electric vehicles. Utilizing a unique dual-component system based on inductive technology, Evatran’s Plugless Power streamlines the process of charging electric vehicles by eliminating the nuisance of the cord and the plug. The result is a system that is convenient, universal and reliable.

Evatran’s customers are manufacturers, dealers and drivers of electric or extended-range hybrid vehicles. Other customers utilizing Plugless Power may include corporations, municipal governments, utilities, residential developers, homebuilders, retailers and small businesses.