Startup of IMPSA and CEMIG?s second Wind Farm in Brazil

The startup of the Praia do Morgado wind farm –the second wind farm developed by IMPSA in the State of Ceará in northeastern Brazil– comes just eight months after the inauguration of the Praias de Parajurú wind farm.

The 28.8 MW Praia do Morgado wind farm extends over 366 hectares in the municipality of Acaraú and has 19 IMPSA-V 1.5 MW wind turbines, with rotors 77 m in diameter, all made by IMPSA at the plant the Company opened in Pernambuco in 2008.

Praia do Morgado is the second of a series of three wind power farms to be installed in the State of Ceará with a total investment of almost USD 260 million. The first was Praias de Parajurú (19 wind turbines and 28.8 MW installed capacity), and the third one is Volta do Río (42 MW), scheduled to go into operation by the end of June of 2010.

Together, the three wind farms, which are jointly owned by IMPSA (51%) and CEMIG (49%), will have a combined wind energy capacity of 99.6 MW and will generate 7600 direct and indirect jobs during their implementation stage.

Other wind power projects

Construction of eight additional wind farms in Ceará, which IMPSA won in the last wind power tender invited by the Brazilian government in December 2009, is scheduled for 2012. Thus, with an investment of about USD 500 million, 311 MW will be added to the State of Ceará’s power generation, enough to supply electricity to more than half a million homes.

IMPSA is also installing 10 wind farms, with 148 wind turbines and a total installed capacity of 222 MW, in the State of Santa Catarina in southern Brazil. Combined total investment in these wind farms is estimated at USD 720 million.