Smart Grid Electric Vehicles: Future Of Automobile Industry

The market growth for these vehicles is expected to find support from governments and industries alike, as they offer numerous benefits to all stakeholders. The infrastructure of the existing power grid is not suitable to support large-scale implementation of these vehicles.

The roll out of smart grids will provide them with adequate infrastructure that includes charging stations, plug-points and metering nodes. The North American countries are carrying out pilot projects to test the viability of electric vehicles in metropolitan areas. Similar projects are expected to take place in other markets globally as the implementation of smart grids gains momentum. provides a wide range of research reports, industry statistics,company profiles and competitive intelligence on the markets for automotive vehicles and parts. Topics covered include passenger cars, vans, trucks, car rental car leasing and aftermarket car parts. Reports typically include market size, market growth rates, market trends, industry statistics, competitive intelligence, company profiles and industry forecasts. You may also be interested in those reports categorised as relating to the transportation market and the logistics market.


– Market prospect of electric vehicles in smart grid
– Key drivers to increase adoption of electric vehicles in smart grid
– Barriers to the growth of electric vehicles market
– Government role in supporting market penetration