Liebherr at the 2010 Windpower

Liebherr will be taking advantage of the international wind energy trade fair, the "Windpower Conference & Exhibition", to be held from 23 to 26 May 2010 in Dallas, USA, to present on a stand area of more than 50 m² a selection of high per-formance components for wind power systems. As well as this, interested visitors will also be shown the range of Liebherr gear tooth milling and shaping machines for producing transmission and gear systems in the wind power sector, as well as the range of cranes for erecting wind power systems.

Liebherr is a powerful partner when it comes to the construc-tion of wind farms. For decades, earthmoving equipment and cranes from Liebherr have been proving their value in situations such as these. Representative of this series, to be seen at the Windpower fair in Dallas, is a model of the mobile crane LTM 11200-9.1.

As well as telescopic mobile cranes, Liebherr can also provide lattice boom mobile cranes and crawler cranes to erect wind power systems, in a variety of performance classes. Liebherr keeps pace with the development of more and more powerful and efficient systems, and increasingly high masts, by offering cranes with optimized performance and new jib systems, specifically matched to meet the needs of the wind power industry.

And Liebherr has some impressive solutions for the erection of wind power systems at sea, too. All requirements can be met: Diesel-operated or electrical drive units, explosion-protected cranes or protection-zone cranes, and cranes for ambient temperatures of up to 50°C and special hoisting situations at altitudes of up to 2,000 metres above sea level. Liebherr cranes are working hard and extremely successfully not only on the construction of offshore wind power systems, but also on oil and gas platforms and other offshore and undersea operations.

Without exception, cranes from Liebherr are equipped with slewing systems consisting of large roller bearings and drive units of own development and production. The know-how acquired over decades in the components sector has been put to use now for some 15 years by the wind power industry as well, in the area of rotor blade and azimuth adjustment.

Liebherr is the only manufacturer which as a system supplier can provide bearings as well as drive units and control technology all from one source. The perfect harmonization of the components will be demonstrated at the Windpower Dallas by a powered rotor blade adjustment system consisting of the Liebherr DAT 300 planetary gear and a two-row interior-toothed Liebherr KUD 128 four-point bearing. A variety of raceway systems and surface coatings will be presented by way of a sectional model of a four-point bearing with an outside tooth arrangement.

In the transmission and gear sector, the DAT 250 rotary drive with angle transmission and the DAT 400 will represent the wide range available from Liebherr, which can be individually adapted to individual customer specifications. The DAT 250 on show was designed especially for the blade adjustment on a 2 MW system, and, thanks to the angle format, is a very space-saving arrangement. In a further developed format the DAT 400 is used for the azimuth adjustment of a 3 MW system, and is a very efficient performer while still featuring a compact design combined with low weight.

The teeth arrangements on the large roller bearings and gear and transmission systems are prepared by Liebherr on teeth milling and shaping machines of its own production. Of the approximately 300 units produced annually, it is particularly machines for large geometries which find their way to wind industry suppliers, who use them, for example, to manufacture components for main transmissions. The right people to talk to for more information about this sector of business, will be ready and waiting at the Windpower Dallas.