WindLogics Upgrades Met Tower Data Services to Meet Increased Demand

WindLogics today announced the release of OnSite 3.1, a software upgrade to the company’s OnSite Data Management system. The OnSite system enables wind energy developers and operators to remotely monitor their met towers and thereby maximize the value of their wind measurement investment. The upgrade provides enhanced functionality in response to wind energy customer feedback, including dynamic generation of wind roses and the ability to attach documents to a met tower’s record.

The OnSite system can quickly detect changes in a wind sensor’s "health" status and send relevant data and alerts directly to a met tower’s owner. Continual data quality checking such as this ensures that problems with equipment are promptly resolved thereby increasing the value of met tower data for use in formal, bank-worthy assessments. More than 700 met towers have been enrolled on the system since 2005. Currently, OnSite is used to manage met towers representing more than 30,000 MW of future wind farm projects  equivalent to three times the amount of wind power installed in the US during 2009.

OnSite automatically collects, processes, and securely stores wind data gathered from each tower. It also includes web-enabled user interfaces that allow customers to enter or view tower information, including configurations and maintenance history, and examine quality-checked data from any combination of sensors and towers. Staff meteorologists and wind energy analysts are available to assist with questions or provide additional support as part of WindLogics’ full spectrum of wind energy services.

"We assist many different types of customers with our OnSite service. Landowners with a couple of towers appreciate the peace-of-mind that results from our secure data storage and find the overall service to be a great value," says Mike Coriale, Product Manager for the OnSite system. "Larger wind energy developers find our new fleet-wide tower status reports essential in monitoring the health of tens or hundreds of towers."

The OnSite data management system will be demonstrated at WindLogics’ booth (#4216) during the annual conference of the American Wind Energy Association, May 23-26 in Dallas. Additional demos can be arranged by contacting WindLogics at

WindLogics is a renewable energy consulting services firm that combines leading scientific analysis with deep expertise in the planning, development and operation of renewable energy projects. Founded in 1988 and headquartered in St. Paul, Minnesota, the company is a wholly owned subsidiary of NextEra? Energy Resources.