The first Vänern offshore wind farm inaugurated

The first wind energy park on the lake Vänern, Vindpark Vänern, was inaugurated by the Swedish prince Carl Philip in a beautiful and sunny day. The ceremony was made from a boat near one of the ten wind turbines.

The Vänern wind farm is located in the Northern part of the lake near Gässlingegrund 7 kilometres from the shoreline. The wind farm is remarkable especially because with help of this pilot project information will be gathered on how to make wind turbines work optimal in big lakes. The project was implemented on turn-key basis by the Swedish Dynawind.

Vindpark Vänern is a unique pilot project with large impact on the surroundings. This is the first time a wind turbine was built in a lake, in Vänern.

The wind farm had huge challenges and required totally new technical solutions, which will help developing wind energy on lakes also in the future.

For instance, a totally new cost-effective technique has been developed to anchor the wind generator in the rock-foundation of the bottom of the lake.

Five of ten wind turbines of the Vindpark Vänern are owned by a local housing association and energy companies, and the rest of the ownership lies on private companies and persons as well as economic associations.

The wind turbines of the Vinpark Vänern represent WinWinD’s first delivery to an inland offshore project. All ten WWD-3 wind turbines in Vinpark Vänern have 100 m rotor and 88 metres hub height.