The U.K.’s Crown Estate announces an additional 2 GW of wind energy

The Crown Estate has announced an additional 2 GW of wind turbines capacity from the Round 1 and 2 project extensions, which would be enough electricity to meet the needs of up to 1.4 million homes in the UK.

Three Round 1 and Round 2 offshore wind farm operators have been selected to extend five sites, creating an additional 1.7 GW. In addition, a further 340 MW has been offered to increase capacity within the current Round 1 and 2 site areas for two other projects. These awards will help to provide a stable flow of construction projects to the offshore wind supply chain in advance of Round 3.

The selected developers are existing Round 1 and 2 operators and will finalise agreements with The Crown Estate in the coming weeks.

After this, developers will commence the statutory consenting process. Each area extension will require a full, new planning application including an Environmental Impact Assessment and a full consultation.

The Crown Estate will only grant a lease allowing construction to start when statutory consents have been obtained from appropriate decision making bodies.

The projects below have been awarded an extension of project area within which the new capacity will be constructed.
Operator -name -Original project name- Extension project name -Capacity- Area
1. SSE Renewables and RWE Npower Renewables Greater Gabbard Galloper Wind Farm 504 MW 174.9 km²
2. Vattenfall Wind Power Kentish Flats Kentish Flats 2 51 MW 8.3 km²
3. Vattenfall Wind Power Thanet Thanet 2 147 MW 17.2 km²
4. Dong Wind UK Burbo Bank Burbo Bank Extension 234 MW 39.7 km²
5. Dong Wind UK Walney Walney Extension 750 MW 146.2 km²

It is anticipated that construction of the Round 1 and 2 extensions will commence in 2014, subject to consents, with completion of all projects by the end of 2016 in advance of Round 3.

In making the awards, The Crown Estate has placed emphasis on the timely delivery of the additional offshore wind capacity. Successful applications have demonstrated that the extensions can be consented, constructed and operational within agreed timescales.

The extensions will benefit from synergies with the original projects, with in some cases the potential for the sharing of construction crews and vessels, as well as electrical systems, construction bases, ports and onshore facilities.

Rob Hastings, The Crown Estate’s director of the marine estate, said: “I am delighted that we have today announced a further 2 GW for Round 1 and 2 extensions.

This 2 GW has been driven by developers’ appetite and will increase the total potential 2020 installed capacity to 48 GW. It is another positive step in the maturing of the offshore wind energy industry and will significantly support the growth of the supply chain as it adds further to the pipeline of construction projects.

This announcement shows The Crown Estate’s commitment to help develop this maturing sector with a view to driving the UK offshore wind energy industry forward and to creating a long-term sustainable energy source for the UK.”

Maria McCaffery, RenewableUK Chief Executive said: “Today’s announcement gives definitive and positive evidence of the environmental and commercial viability of existing offshore projects. The site extensions come as a direct consequence of the UK’s world beating offshore wind farms showing that, after a successful start, they have further potential for growth. It is clear that developers are confident projects will continue to deliver and we welcome The Crown Estate’s timely action in ensuring that this happens.”