?Capture the Wind? in Ohio

GE’s (NYSE: GE) 28-day, multi-state “Capture the Wind” tour stopped in Columbus today, carrying with it grassroots support for expanding clean, efficient, wind power across the United States that could help create new manufacturing jobs.

Today at Columbus’ Center of Science and Industry, GE will be displaying a 131-foot wind turbine blade to show the public and Ohio’s leaders the innovative technologies that are helping to build our clean energy future. With the right government policies, innovation and R&D investments will play an important role in creating future jobs in Ohio.

The tour’s stop will allow Ohioans to add their signatures to the wind turbine blade and pledge their support for its message: “I’m helping to build America’s energy future”—a cleaner, smarter future that will create new clean energy manufacturing jobs in Ohio and around the country.

“America has the power to choose a better energy future,” said Vic Abate, vice president of GE’s Renewable Energy business. “American technology and innovation can create a cleaner, smarter, more efficient energy economy in Ohio and across America that will revitalize precision manufacturing, boost exports and create jobs, but we need the right policy at the federal level to make that vision a reality.”

As North America’s top wind turbine supplier, GE is spearheading the tour as a symbol of its commitment to America’s clean energy future and its belief in the power of government leadership to drive investment in new technologies that will spur U.S. economic growth and job creation and enable America to compete in this global industry.

“The rest of the world is not standing still,” Abate said. “China and Europe have already enacted robust clean energy policies that expand manufacturing investment and employment. It’s time for federal policymakers to do the same, for the benefit of Ohio and our entire nation.”

Last year, the U.S. wind industry supported 85,000 jobs in all 50 states. Ohio has significant untapped wind potential, according to Environment Ohio, and could generate at least 10 percent of its electricity from wind in the next decade—enough to power more than 1.5 million Ohio homes.

The “Capture the Wind” tour began in Aberdeen, S.D., and will remain in Columbus through May 7 for the Columbus Clean Air Fair, before making its final stops in the following locations:

May 13: GE Appliances & Lighting: Louisville, Ky.

May 15: Louisville Zoo – Louisville, Ky.

May 19: Molded Fiber Glass Companies – Gainesville, Texas

May 21: Windpower 2010 – Dallas, Texas

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