WWD-3 wind turbine received a type certificate

The type certificate is a proof of quality, safety and functionality of the WWD-3 product during its entire life-cycle. Sales Director Jukka Kuuskoski received the type certificate at the EWEC 2010 event in Warsaw on 22nd of April.

WinWinD delivers a 24 megawatt wind farm to Aseri, Estonia. The confirmed delivery wind power contract was signed between Aseriaru Tuulepark AS and WinWinD. Nelja Energia OÜ, who is WinWinD’s client also in the Viru-Nigula and Vanakula Wind Parks, will act as a partner in the project.

Aseri is located in Eastern Estonia, about 130 km east from Tallinn. The wind farm will consist of 8 pieces of 3 MW wind turbines, which will be delivered during this year. The wind energy park is expected to start producing electricity in the beginning of 2011.

WinWinD is the leading 3 megawatt wind turbine supplier in the Estonian market. After the de-livery of the Aseri Wind Park, the company will have delivered a total of 108 MW to Esto-nian clients, possessing more than 70% of the total market share.

WinWinD Ltd opened its new state-of-the-art 3 MW wind turbine plant in Hamina, Finland. The new production capacity, increased ten-fold, facilitates WinWinD’s expansion and growth into a global wind turbine provider.

“The new Hamina plant and the Chennai factory that started last year in India are both essential to our growth strategy. Together, they will raise our production capacity to a level that enables us to answer growing customer needs all over the world,” says Ilkka Hakala, CEO of WinWinD.

“We will expand our services to completely new market areas and grow into a truly global company during the next few years. The state-of-the-art technological properties of our products will make this possible.”

The wind turbines developed by WinWinD are based on a solution where electricity is produced in a unique, hybrid concept power unit. This guarantees efficiency, quality, long life and easy maintenance for the product. WWD-3 wind turbines are the most effective option available in Finland.