Car Charging Group to become a reseller of electricity for electric vehicles

Car Charging Group, Inc. (CCGI) has formed CCG Energy LLC ("CCG Energy") for the purpose of applying to become a reseller of electricity. Once licensed and approved by the appropriate State and Federal regulatory agencies, CCG Energy will benefit Car Charging Group by providing the company with more flexibility in the way it powers its growing system of electric car charging stations.

"We believe the market for charging stations will grow exponentially as automakers answer increasing consumer demand for greener cars by manufacturing new electric car models such as the Nissan Leaf, GM Chevy Volt, and Tesla Model S," said Andy Kinard, President of Car Charging Group, Inc. "Recognizing that a lack of a pre-existing operational infrastructure for charging systems remains a major obstacle to mass-market adoption, we have formed CCG Energy to augment our current ability to install, own and service EV charging stations with the ability to buy and sell affordable electricity in approved states and in the future, provide V2G (vehicle to grid) services."

The charging stations are provided and installed by Car Charging, Inc. at no cost to the business/property owner. The benefits for the host is the ability to provide his customers or constituents with the service of convenient car charging and at the same time benefit from a percentage of the revenue from the station.

The formation of CCG Energy will allow Car Charging Group to provide the most competitive pricing for its end-user customers. CCG Energy will also allow the company to continue to promote and provide customers with cleaner energy alternatives while also developing a solid operational infrastructure in preparation of the launch of electric vehicles.

Coulomb delivers networked charging stations and provides a service that meets the needs of drivers, municipalities, electric utilities and government entities by providing:

* A secure, safe, reliable way for consumers to charge their electric vehicles anywhere they park
* A sustainable business model for the rapid deployment of a plug-in vehicle charging infrastructure
* An infrastructure that enables rapid growth of the market for plug-in electric vehicles of all types
* Monitoring and control services to allow utilities to optimize grid use
* The lowest cost system operation and maintenance when compared to other options
* The ability to transition from gasoline tax revenues to tax models appropriate to electric vehicles

Car Charging Group, Inc. is an owner and provider of electric vehicle (EV) charging stations with the mission to build-out a nationwide infrastructure, enabling EV and PHEV owners to charge their EVs anytime, anywhere. As part of its strategy, the Company owns, provides, installs and maintains electric vehicle charging units and works with its landowner partners to identify appropriate locations for its charging stations. The Company seeks to provide convenient, safe and affordable charging stations away from home in customer-friendly public locations, including municipalities, shopping malls and parking garages.

An estimated 40 million plug-in electric vehicles, such as the Nissan Leaf, GM Chevy Volt, Fisker Karma, Tesla Model S as well as many others, are expected to be on the road by 2030. Car Charging Group and other companies in the EV industry like ECOtality and Better Place, realize the need to establish charging station networks throughout the transportation infrastructure to provide easy access to energy everywhere drivers live and work. By investing at the forefront of the electric car revolution, Car Charging Group seeks to become the leading provider of electric car charging stations.

The Company has launched its service in the South Florida market and is expanding its operations both nationally and internationally. Car Charging Group, Inc. is based in Miami, Florida.