Nova Scotia Move to Capitalize its Wind Power Potential

This move will drive new investment and create green-collar jobs while positioning Nova Scotia as a leader in the production of clean, emissions-free energy.

“We are greatly encouraged by this important step towards realizing Nova Scotia’s abundant wind energy potential,” said Robert Hornung, president of CanWEA. “Today’s announcement provides the necessary framework to ensure development of all types of wind by all types of proponents, from large-scale wind farm utility projects to medium-scale community projects, to small wind turbines for farmers and homeowners. CanWEA looks forward to working with the government and Nova Scotia Power to ensure the successful rollout of this program.”

To maximize the benefits of this target, Nova Scotia will need to work quickly to facilitate regional co-operation and transmission upgrades. This will allow the province to more fully develop its export potential with a focus on significant green energy markets in New England. CanWEA will also be looking to the government to provide unique pricing for small wind systems up to 300 kW under its Feed-In-Tariff (FIT) program.

“There is no doubt that Nova Scotia has a bright future in wind power,” added Hornung. “The province has a great wind resource, rising energy demand and existing manufacturing capability in medium-sized and large wind turbines. Today’s announcement will build on these assets and go a long way to meeting Nova Scotia’s environmental, social and economic objectives.”

CanWEA is the voice of Canada’s wind energy industry, actively promoting the responsible and sustainable growth of wind energy on behalf of its more than 460 members. A national non-profit association, CanWEA serves as Canada’s leading source of credible information about wind energy and its social, economic and environmental benefits. To join other global leaders in the wind energy industry, CanWEA believes Canada can and must reach its target of producing 20 per cent or more of the country’s electricity from wind by 2025.