Electric Vehicles Unplugged

Electric Vehicles Unplugged 2010 will bring together key decision makers across the industry to provide unique insights into the structure of new business models and their implications to industry stakeholders. "The emergence of the ‘Integrator’ will also be debated whose role is paramount in managing the diverse service offering to customers through strategic partnerships with the many industry players.

With up to 1.1 million electric vehicles expected to be sold in Europe by 2015 and 2011 being the year that Europe’s traditional automotive OEMs will significantly increase their EV production, a fully trialed, tested and proven charging infrastructure network must be in place by 2011.

It is expected that by 2015 approximately 2.75 million charging stations will be needed across Europe. "The implementation of fast charging stations is also another hot topic being widely discussed in the industry. Cities across Europe are taking different approaches to infrastructure developments and a wide array of industries are involved creating new partnerships between OEMs, Governments, Utility Companies and Charging Station Manufacturers," says Singh.

Day one of the workshop will take place at the House of Lords and will provide a forum to bring parliamentarians and industry experts together.

Day two of the workshop will be held at the Society of Motor Manufacturers and Traders (SMMT) and feature keynote presentations from some of the industry’s top experts. These include:

* Ayoul Grouvel, Head of Electric Vehicles, PSA Peugeot Citroen
* Tony Posawatz, Vehicle Line Director for Chevrolet Volt & Global Electric Vehicle Development of GM; Chairman of EDTA
* Nancy Gioia, Head of Electrification, Ford Motor Company
* Anthony Bernbaum, Head of Global Special Opportunities, HSBC
* Diana Blake, Director: Sales and Marketing, Optimal Energy
* Sarwant Singh – Partner and Practice Director, Automotive and Transportation, Frost & Sullivan