401 Energy Feed-In Tariff Application Approved for Largest Wind Farm in Canada

Paul Boreham, President, 401 Energy Ltd., is pleased to announce that the Ontario Power Authority has approved the company’s Feed-In Tariff (FIT) Wind Energy Program application under Farm Owned Power (Melancthon) Ltd., to construct a 100 MW wind farm on 4,500 acres in the Township of Melancthon, County of Dufferin approximately five kilometres north of Shelburne, Ontario.

401 Energy Ltd. is the only wind power company in Canada that offers a unique 51/49 per cent ownership stake to participating community based projects.

Commenting on the announcement, Paul Boreham said: "The 401 Energy wind farm centric model is truly unique in Canada in that we partner with farmers to develop renewable energy projects as a means to preserve farming, secure our country’s food supply and enhance the self-sufficiency, independence and entrepreneurial spirit of our farmers. And that’s not all. Our projects are different; they have a significant and positive economic impact on the communities and residents of the areas in which we operate, and are sources of sustainable long and short-term local employment. My team and partners couldn’t be more pleased."

This wind energy project will involve the erection of 40 wind turbines and the installation of new power lines capable of carrying 100 MW of power. When it is completed by August 30, 2011, it will be the largest community-owned wind farm project in Canada capable of providing enough energy to power approximately 35,000 households.

401 Energy Limited is a leader in the use of wind turbines to harness the wind to generate electricity. Their unique "51% Equity Ownership Program" guarantees local ownership, increases the wealth generating potential of the land in ways never before imagined, and provides a structured inheritance for future generations of Canada’s farmers.

Since 3200 B.C. when ancient Egyptians first invented the sail, man has sought to harness the wind. Fleets of wind powered ships then changed the Mediterranean and North and South China Seas forever creating the world’s first economic super powers.

With much of Holland below sea-level, the Dutch in the 14th century used passive wind power to pump water from their salt laden flood plains using a device called a “windmill”. Their mastery of the earth and its bounty laid the framework for a tiny nation that eventually fed not only itself but half of Europe as well.

Today, the windmill stands as the proud predecessor to modern and efficient wind power turbines preferred by the professionals at 401 Energy to achieve the goal of developing renewable locally-owned wind energy projects across Ontario.

401 Energy Ltd. Projects

It is with pride that we are currently developing 10 wind farm projects, representing a total of 100 megawatts, for individual land owners under the Province of Ontario’s Standard Offer. They are:

* Last Chance Wind Power Corp. (10 megawatt)
* Big Shoo Wind Energy Inc. (10 megawatt)
* Fair Winds Energy Ltd. (10 megawatt)
* Sirius Wind Energy Ltd. (10 megawatt)
* New World Wind Energy Limited (10 megawatt)
* Celestial Power Resources Ltd. (10 megawatt)
* Elysium Wind Energy Inc. (10 megawatt)
* Tempest Wind Resources Inc. (10 megawatt)
* Stand Tall Wind Power Inc. (10 megawatt)
* Furious Wind Energy Inc. (10 megawatt)

The Standard Offer Program is applicable to all rural properties in the Province.