Ontario approves first offshore wind power project

 "Wolfe Island Wind Farm" developed by Canadian Hydro Developers. Baines new initiative "Windstream Wolfe Island Shoals Inc.", a subsidiary of his company Windstream Energy was awarded the largest and the only approved ‘offshore’ wind power project, by the Ontario Power Authority, (feed-in-tariff) FIT program, a 300 megawatt power-purchase contract initiative in Lake Ontario.

While not clear as to the number of kilometres offshore, the OPA maps suggest the location is directly west of Big Sandy Bay and in line with Main Duck Island.

In order to participate in FIT Windstream Energy was required to submit security deposits. While there are no specific guidelines for the offshore wind power project and requires no signed land owners agreements, it is subject to all environmental reviews.

However one can assume that Windstream Energy is confident with the wind energy information and study data they have collected to date and is ready to pursue what will be a 3-4 year project to provide off shore energy to the Lennox Thermal Station. Baines always said Wolfe Island is one of the windiest areas in the province. How the project will be received by the public remains to be seen. 


By Margaret Knott, www.emckingston.ca