Peugeot proves that it is a step ahead of the field in terms of global and sustainable mobility

This global approach to mobility also includes the all-new Mu by Peugeot service. Peugeot will also exhibit a VLV, a vehicle from another age and part of the Peugeot Adventure collection, as a reference to the Marque’s "electric" heritage and its 200 year old industrial adventure.

On Saturday 27th April between 10h00 and 11h30, a round table session will be held on Mobility to address the question "Are we moving towards zero emissions mobility?" with the participation of Bernard Brulé, the Head of Alternative Energy Vehicle Development for Peugeot France.

Peugeot: sustainable mobility on display

Peugeot – first on the electric vehicle market: iOn scheduled for launch at the end of 2010.  HYbrid4: Peugeot as the pioneer of Hybrid Diesel power, on the 3008 from 2011 onwards, a step change in consumption and emissions (99 g of CO2 per km).

Peugeot BB1: 2.5m long, 4 seats, 0 emissions. BB1 pushes back the frontiers of motoring. 

Peugeot returns in force in 2010 to the bicycle market and notably with an electric offer.

Peugeot: environmental leadership

ustainable and integral mobility: Peugeot is meeting the challenges of the new motoring universe with concrete solutions, available today.

In ten years, as a market innovator with its Particulate filter (Filtre à Particules – FAP) Peugeot has equipped 2.3 million of its HDi vehicles. Already, 50% of Peugeot vehicles sold in Europe emit less than 130 g of CO2 per km, and the Peugeot 207 99 g has been on sale in France since the autumn of 2009.

To raise public awareness to eco-driving habits, Peugeot has organised the "Peugeot Eco Cup", a challenge that brought together 72 teams from 18 European countries to drive strictly identical HDi 207, 308, 3008 and 5008 vehicles. The teams competed in a 1 000 km "economy run" between Paris and Geneva and achieved spectacular fuel consumption results in the region of 3.24 l/100 km with a 207 HDi 90 h.p.

Peugeot proposes an electric offer with the electric car iOn, a lively and easy to drive compact car with space for 4 occupants, a top speed of 130 km/h and a range of 130 km thanks to its lithium-ion batteries. To date, over 2 000 reservations have been booked.

Peugeot has already embarked on marketing this iOn electric vehicle with the signing of several letters of intent with fleet users, and a lease offer of less than €500 per month. For tomorrow, Peugeot has ground-breaking solutions in response to the environmental challenge.

Micro-hybrid, with the e-HDi system to be deployed from 2011 onward for reductions of up to 15% in fuel consumption and emissions under urban driving conditions.

Full-hybrid: Scheduled for launch in early 2011, the 3008 HYbrid4 will be the first mass produced hybrid-Diesel offer. Hybrid4 technology provides reductions of around 35% in both fuel consumption and CO2 emissions on a like-for-like horsepower basis (3.8 l/100 km and 99 g ofCO2 per km for the 3008 HYbrid4), as well as a "zero emission" driving mode, higher performance (up to 200 h.p.) and four-wheel drive.

RCZ HYbrid4: The design study illustrates the cross-model possibilities of this drive train. In 2012, Peugeot will introduce HYbrid4 rechargeable technology with the target of achieving fuel consumption of 2l/100 km and less than 50 g of CO2per km on the 3008.

Peugeot is the only marque to make available a comprehensive mobility offer with cars and utility vehicles, scooters, bicycles and a broad range of services. Peugeot matches demanding requirements and emotion and is present in 160 countries with 10 000 points of contact worldwide.

In 2009, Peugeot sold 1 842 000 vehicles and  became the N°1 French marque in terms of vehicle registrations around the world. It is also the world’s 10th largest automobile manufacturer. In terms of emissions, 50% of Peugeot vehicles sold worldwide emit less than 140 g of CO2 per km. In 2010, backed by 200 years of inspiration, Peugeot is renewing its vehicle styling and its graphic identity, completing its mobility offer and asserting its international ambitions.

The Marque is pursing its development with the launches of the RCZ, a special edition vehicle, the iOn, a 100% electric car, the 408 in China, three new models in Latin America and the European deployment of its Mu by Peugeot à la carte mobility offer.