The biggest wind farm in Finland to be built at the Tornio site

Outokumpu – the biggest wind turbines in Finland to be built at the Tornio site

Outokumpu is participating in the implementation of a wind park in Tornio, Finland. The company is a shareholder in Rajakiiri Oy, which is specialised in wind power. Rajakiiri has now made an investment decision to build a 30-megawatt wind farm in Röyttä, on the sea coast of the Tornio Works site. Outokumpu will receive 20% of the wind power produced by the park.

Outokumpu’s production site in Tornio is Finland’s biggest single electricity user. By investing in energy production, Outokumpu aims to secure its competitiveness and ensure the supply of reasonably priced energy.

CEO Juha Rantanen: "Participation in this wind farm project is an important element of our energy strategy, which aims to ensure that we have an inexpensive and stable-priced electricity supply from low-emissions energy sources. The wind farm in Tornio complements our hydropower and nuclear energy projects."

Stainless steel is highly suitable for demanding industrial applications and the production of low-emissions energy. The wind power project helps Outokumpu to evaluate the potential for using the material in wind turbines. Offshore installations are a particularly interesting new application area for corrosion-resistant stainless steel.

More than 80% of the electrical energy used by Outokumpu originates from low-emission sources. The new wind power project will satisfy about half a percent of the company’s total energy need. As part of its energy strategy, Outokumpu will investigate the possibilities to increase the share of wind power.

The wind farm will start producing renewable energy at the end of 2010. The amount of electricity generated by the park correlates to the consumption of some 5 000 households.

Outokumpu is a global leader in stainless steel with the vision to be the undisputed number one. Customers in a wide range of industries use our stainless steel and services worldwide. Being fully recyclable, maintenance-free, as well as very strong and durable material, stainless steel is one of the key building blocks for sustainable future. Outokumpu employs some 7 500 people in more than 30 countries. The Group’s head office is located in Espoo, Finland. Outokumpu is listed on the NASDAQ OMX Helsinki.