ACS enters in the wind energy and solar thermal market in US

This is the third country, along with Mexico and Portugal, which the company of president Florentino Perez extends the renewable energy industry, which already operates 1324 MW and 187 million euros turnover in 2009, according to ACS.

In the U.S., ACS develops two wind power projects, one wind farm in New Mexico, 150 MW, and a second wind farm in Texas (250 MW). Both wind farms are in the process of development and funding.

ACS has also entered in the business of solar thermal plants, one Concentrating Solar Power in Nevada (50 MW) and another CSP in California (100 MW), respectively.

ACS’s bet for the U.S. renewable energy coincides with the momentum that President Barack Obama will give to this business. With it, the company will also address two strategic objectives, such as the energy sector (which is part of its share of 12.6% as a leading shareholder in Iberdrola) and the U.S. market.

Regarding the latter, Florentino Perez confirmed, at presenting the results of 2009, that the firm ACS will enhance their presence in the U.S.. The group already has 22 offices in the country, civil works activities (two firms and works in New York City Subway) and three concessions. According to his data, this market reported revenues of 624 million and 25% (2,824 million) of total portfolio of the group last year.

With regard to the focus on renewable energy, is reflected in the 3.163 million euros invested in this business by ACS in 2009, up 45% from a year earlier and 68% of the total investment amount of the company last year.

The development of solar thermal absorbed 1,454 million euros, 87% more compared to 2008, while the remaining 1.709 million (+22%) were used in continuing the development of wind farms.

Thus, at the end of 2009 ACS had a total of 1324.25 MW of renewable energy facilities in operation, 500 MW under construction and 1866 MW in phase and funding.

Assets in place, corresponding to 1174.55 MW wind power plants in Spain and Portugal, and the remaining 150 MW to solar energy thermal plants in Badajoz and Granada.

From the portfolio of projects under construction and promotion of those assets also scheduled in the U.S., featured a wind farm in Mexico and the entry into activity biomass with three projects in Portugal.