Unión Eólica Panamá gets the provisional license to 337 MW of wind power

The national authority of the services public of Panama (ASEP) granted provisional licences for the installation, operation and exploitation of 4 wind farms, called Nuevo Chagres, Portobelo Ballestillas, Marañón and Rosa de los Vientos.

The UEP has 12 months to complete the delivery of the required documents, after which may request the final license.

The Panamanian wind Union (UEP) is the bet for the Spanish wind Union (UEE) for the sector of renewable energy in Panama. Its vision become reference in the wind energy market in that country. That leadership must be based on sustainable development and with the commitment to the environment.

According to statements, the company chose Panama expansion because it is a country with a proven political and economic stability and infrastructure systems and legislative that favors the introduction of wind energy.

It was also reported that there will be areas where wind turbines will not be installed because it’s archaeological value as "Vallecitos" area, or because it is a protected natural area as the 1857 Constitution National Park.

The provisional license granted to "Panama renewable resources" for the exploitation of the Panamanian wind farm Chorcha I was cancelled. The national authority of the services public of Panama (ASEP) reported, from a press release.