The first wind power farm in the South of Russia

By 2010, they plan to commission the Republic’s wind energy yard consisting of 126 wind turbines for the aggregate wind power capacity of 150 megawatts.

Total investments into the Kalmyk wind farm made 266.1 million euros. Of them, 235 million euros are the borrowed funds allocated by the Czech Export Bank to the Falkon Capital a.s. Company on the project, 15.47 million euros are the funds provided from the Russian federal budget on creating the engineering infrastructure, and 15.63 million euros come from the investor’s own assets.

The construction of the wind farm in the Priyutnenskiy District of Kalmykia will be made in three phases, 50 megawatts each. The payback period of the first stage makes 10 years, and of the subsequent 100 megawatts – no more than 10 years due to the expected advancing growth of electricity tariffs.

The average annual wind speed in the area of the first Kalmyk wind farm is about 7.5 meters per second. It is one of the highest parameters in the south of Russia.

Meanwhile, the Priyutnenskiy site is just one of several sites in Kalmykia, where wind power can be efficiently generated. Thus, according to German experts, who studied in 2007 the territory of Kalmykia from the viewpoint of potential use of wind energy, the Republic has at least 5-6 sites fit by their average annual wind speed for efficient use of wind power plants.