REpower supplies 26 Wind Turbines for Wind Power Project in Northeastern France

The REpower MM92 wind turbines with a hub height of 88.5 meters and 2 megawatts (MW) of rated power are destined for Langres Sud wind farm in the department of Haute-Marne in the Champagne-Ardennes region. At full power the wind farm achieves a total generating capacity of 52 MW.

EOLE-RES S.A is the French subsidiary of RES Méditerranée SAS, one of France’s largest development companies for wind farm and solar power projects.

Only recently REpower concluded its largest onshore contract in the history of the company for up to 954 MW with RES Canada inc., which also belongs to the RES Group, and other Canadian project partners.

Per Hornung Pedersen, CEO of REpower Systems AG, emphasizes: “As before, France remains one of the most important wind energy markets in Europe and we are delighted to be bringing together for the first time the long-standing experience of EOLE-RES and the expertise of REpower. So far we have set up almost 400 wind turbines with a total generating capacity of some 750 MW in various French regions and wish to expand our position here even further in the future.”

The projects are being executed by the French subsidiary REpower S.A.S, which is headquartered in Paris. Olivier Perot, CEO of REpower S.A.S., adds: “We are proud to have been selected for this project in the Champagne-Ardennes region where we have already set up several wind farms. We look forward to collaborating with EOLE-RES in the future in this and hopefully other projects.”

The 26 wind turbines are already to be delivered and commissioned by October 2010.

Since the end of 2001, REpower Systems AG has been distributing, erecting and maintaining its turbines in the French wind market via its subsidiary Repower S.A.S. Regarding the turbines related to sales, France is now besides the USA one of the company’s biggest foreign markets. In the past fiscal year, Repower Systems AG erected 133 turbines with a total generating capacity of 266 megawatts and recognized this in income.