HK Electric Opens Battery Charging Station for Electric Vehicles on Hong Kong Island

In line with the Government’s initiative to promote greater use of electric vehicles, HK Electric will set up six more stations which will be completed in stages by mid February.

HK Electric Director of Engineering (Planning and Development), Mr. Wan Chi-tin, said these stations would be conveniently located in major commercial and government car parks on the island, such as in Cyberport, Pacific Place, Cityplaza, Oi Tung Estate, Tin Hau and Star Ferry.

Speaking after a demonstration of the electric car charging operation at the Peak Galleria station, Mr. Wan said: “HK Electric is committed to improving air quality and supports Government promotion regarding more EVs in Hong Kong.”

“This pilot project emphasises energy efficiency and a cleaner environment as the wider use of electric cars will help reduce carbon emission in the air,” Mr. Wan said.

“Thanks to the support and cooperation of our partners from public carparks, we will be able to provide these facilities in some of the most popular shopping malls on the island,” Mr. Wan said, adding HK Electric would keep track of the EV market and continue to collaborate with parties interested in increasing the number of stations.

Charging procedures simply involve parking a vehicle at a designated parking bay and connecting the EV charging cord to the bay’s power socket. It takes six to eight hours to fully charge up an EV. Payment will be made through Octopus.

One of the partners in the project, Hang Lung Properties Limited, said the company is pleased to collaborate with HK Electric in providing the first EV charging station on Hong Kong Island. The company aims at incorporating sustainable practices and promoting energy efficiency messages within the company, to business associates as well as to the community.

Besides building EV charging stations, Mr. Wan said HK Electric would increase the use of EVs in its operation. “EVs are energy efficient, more environmentally-friendly and save fuel cost,” Mr. Wan stressed.

HK Electric is proposing the development of an offshore wind farm in the Southwest Lamma Channel with a wind power capacity of around 100 megawatt (MW). About 28 to 35 wind turbines, each of 2.3-3.6 MW, will be installed at the 600-hectare site.