Experience EVs now: Better Place opens demonstration center in Israel By Gen. Maj. Moshe Kaplinsky

At the center, you can learn about the benefits of our model and user experience through interactive media, real test drives of electric vehicles (EVs), Q&A sessions with our staff, and more.

Since Better Place was founded in 2007, our critics and supporters alike have continued to ask many questions about how we plan to operate within the constraints of some of the most entrenched industries in the world to introduce a sustainable, mass-market solution for reducing our dependence on oil.

We designed the demonstration center specifically to bring the answers to the public through an entertaining, informative and meaningful experience that will address myths and provide new insights about sustainable transportation. The demonstration center is built directly inside a giant tank at the Pi Glilot facility (in the city of Ramat Ha’Sharon), which used to serve as Israel’s major fossil fuel distribution hub.

Many have found it difficult to believe that a start-up company could shake up the automotive and energy industries to affect the status quo of transportation. Furthermore, given the 100-year history of false starts for EVs, there has been no shortage of skepticism on whether the EV driving experience could be made as convenient, affordable and enjoyable as the experience of driving an internal combustion engine (ICE) vehicle. However, through the development of an innovative business model and EV solution elements, Better Place has shown that such achievements are not only possible, but also are happening now.

The demonstration center presents to the public the broadest Better Place consumer experience to date. In addition to EV test drives on a dedicated track and the opportunity to engage directly with Better Place staff, we provide a multimedia experience to help visitors understand the opportunity to positively affect our environment, geopolitics, and economies by switching the way we drive. The best part? Knowing that we can achieve these benefits by driving far superior cars: relative to ICE vehicles, EVs are fast, efficient, reliable, silent and clean.

Thanks in advance for spreading information and photos of the demonstration center to your friends and family. We hope that you’ll have an opportunity to visit us, and we look forward to meeting you and bringing you one step closer toward a sustainable transportation future.