Photovoltaic energy can bring benefits to economy

These figures would have to be multiplied by five should a national supply chain be established. "Sun to the East or to the West? Development prospects of Italian photovoltaic industry brought to the test of politics" is a study from I-Com (Institute for Competitiveness) on PV development potential in Italy, commissioned by the recently created association Asso Energie Future.

After noting that the development of this in Italy industry has occurred later than in other countries, the study analyzes the possibility that it can recover lost ground and create a national industry.

The starting point are the approximately 9,000 MW that I-Com believes will be installed in Italy by 2020 in order to meet its European commitments. The expenditure for building and operating new plants is expected to reach 29 billion euros, with a total impact on national economy of about 65 billion euros and an extra value-added 22 billion euros. An estimated additional annual average of 23,000 new jobs will be created for the construction of facilities, and of 22,000 for the following plant management phase.

However, this hypothesis is based on the present scenario of the Italian industry, where the domestic production accounts for approximately 50% of the total installed power.

Instead, should a PV supply chain be created in Italy in the coming years (at present, it has been only partially established, the rest being under construction) with an annual production of just over 3,000 MW of photovoltaic panels, the added value would reach 110 billion euros, and approximately 210,000 new jobs would be created in the period 2010-2020.