Goldwind installs the first Chinese wind turbines in the US

The three 1.5 MW wind turbines were installed on the Uilk wind farm project at Pipestone Town, Minnesota.

Additionally the project is also is also one of the Goldwind’s first overseas MW-level wind turbine project. According to the company’s president Wu Gang, the initiative marks the progress of its strategy.

Goldwind’s rank in the international market was raised from 10 in 2006 to 8 in 2007. To develop interantional market, Goldwind successfully acquired German VENSYS Energy AG, which has had a profound impact for the future strategic development of the company. It enhanced Goldwind’s capability of independent innovation to speed up the process of internationalization and make space for international sales.

Goldwind Science and Technology Co., Ltd. will hold a vision of "Being popular in the world" to create "International Goldwind" in the future.

Goldwind has invested $10.5 million in the Uilk wind power project, which was signed on May 6, 2009. It is controlled by Tian Run USA INC., a funded Goldwind off-shoot. The wind turbines were shipped from north China’s Tianjin Harbor on September 28, 2009.

The 1.5 MW wind turbines used for the Minnesota project will form a major part of the Goldwind’s global expansion. Boasting independent intellectual property, the direct-drive permanent-magnetic technology has been lauded for the wind power generation efficiency, reliability, adaptability to power grids, and long-term economical costs for wind farm runners. "It represents the technological trend in the world wind energy industry," said Wu Gang.

Goldwind started to export wind turbines to the overseas market in 2008. It exported six wind turbines to Cuba.

By the end of 2009, Goldwind had 1,500 1.5 MW wind turbines installed in wind farms in China. Their electricity generation efficiency approaches 98 percent, forming a major part of the country’s wind energy capacity.

Goldwind Wins Bid For CNY147 Million Dabancheng Wind Power Project

Xinjiang GoldWind Science & Technology Co. Ltd. (Xinjiang Goldwind) is principally engaged in manufacturing and marketing of wind generator sets and associated parts as well as in the construction and operation of middle-sized wind power plants.

It offers series of wind turbine sets (43/600 kW, 48/750 kW, 62/1200 kW, 70/1500 kW, etc.) along with specialized software and monitoring systems for testing, resource evaluation and construction planning of wind farm.

Additionally, the company provides presale and after sale services such as project management, feasibility study, diagnosing for wind power equipment and wind power management.