Wind Energy America Announces Commercial Operation of Iowa Wind Turbine

WEA has been working with Outland Renewable Energy, LLC, to retrofit and commission these wind turbines, acquired in September of 2008, in order to achieve full commercial operation. It is expected that commissioning of the second G-87 turbine will also be completed in Q1 of 2010.

The wind turbine has an 87 meter diameter rotor, a 78 meter tower and is capable of generating enough wind power (approximately 5 million kilowatt-hours annually) to power about 500 homes. Energy produced by ZR is to be sold to Interstate Power and Light under a long term Power Purchase Agreement. “The commissioning and operation of this turbine is the first step in optimizing WEA’s existing wind assets and providing the foundation for long-term growth and development of Wind Energy America,” said Mel Wentz, CEO of WEA.

Wind Energy America is one of the few publicly traded companies exclusively operating and developing renewable, utility scale, wind energy. Through wholly-owned subsidiaries, WEA owns developer’s interests in three wind farms on Buffalo Ridge in southwest Minnesota which contain 79 wind turbines totaling 53.46 MW of capacity, enough to power approximately 14,000 average American homes.

WEA has commenced commissioning its Hendricks, Minnesota wind project, also located on Buffalo Ridge, and will have 5.6 MW of additional nameplate capacity in operation when combined with the project in Osceola County, Iowa. The Company also continues its work assessing the feasibility of various wind power project opportunities throughout the U.S.