Wheego Electric Cars Previews Full-Speed Model

Wheego Electric Cars, manufacturer of electric vehicle, will unveil a prototype of its full-speed version at the Washington Auto Show January 26, 2010. "This electric car will shake up the landscape of the American auto industry," predicts Wheego CEO Mike McQuary. "At a target price of $32,000, plus a $7,500 Federal Tax Credit which brings it down to $24,500, it is the first affordable all-electric car. This summer, it will be fully crash-tested and highway-ready. Americans are eager to step up to the plate and take charge of our energy independence and address environmental issues; all we have lacked is the right car for the job. In mid-2010, Wheego will answer that call."

The Full-Speed Wheego Whip LiFe runs on Lithium Ion batteries. It is expected to go 100 miles on a charge, and take about 8 hours to charge on a standard household outlet. Faster charging options will be available.

A prototype of the Wheego Whip LiFe will be introduced to the public at the Washington Auto Show. Wheego will be joined at the show by their Washington, D.C.-area dealers Ted Britt Automotive from Fairfax, Virginia, and Apple Wheego of Columbia, Maryland.

The initial Wheego offering is the Whip LSV, which is available now. The Whip LSV is an all-electric Low Speed Vehicle which can drive on roads with posted speed limits of 35 miles per hour or less. The Wheego Whip LSV is a fully-loaded two-seat compact car with fit, finish and features that compete with any other subcompact car on the market. Features include remote keyless entry, air conditioning, and an MP3 stereo system. The all-electric Wheego Whip LSV runs on sealed lead-acid batteries and can be charged from a standard household outlet. The Low-Speed version of the Wheego Whip will be available for test drives at the Washington Auto Show in the ride-and-drive area.

Wheego Electric Cars is an innovation-driven and environmentally-conscious manufacturer of Electric Vehicles (EVs). Under the leadership of Mike McQuary, CEO and former MindSpring entrepreneur, Wheego Electric Cars has become a leader in the integration of advanced technology components. Wheego Electric Cars is one of the first EV companies to deliver affordable fully capable, street legal all-electric cars for everyday consumer use.