The first truly ?green? electric vehicles charging station

The Carbon Day Automotive ChargePoint® Networked Charging Station, powered by Coulomb Technologies ChargePoint® Network and located in the parking lot directly adjacent to 440 Central Avenue, Highland Park is completely powered by the wind.

The law firm of Emalfarb, Swan & Bain, entered into an electricity supply agreement with MC Squared Energy Services, LLC, a Chicago, Illinois based retail electricity supplier that provides their office building with wind powered Renewable Energy Credits (REC’s) that originate in the Midwest. Emalfarb, Swan and Bain is engaged nationally at the forefront of renewable energy, the smart grid and energy efficiency law.

The law firm is steadily working with its clients to guide their market penetration into the energy efficiency marketplace through the use of the PACE energy district on the real estate property tax bill supporting renewable energy and the smart grid by identifying funding sources and business models for retrofitting homes, businesses, and institutions.

“Our law firm is dedicated to using innovative technology that will reduce our communities’ carbon footprint and guiding our clients to make a market transformation in their products and services that will create sustainable jobs to help the American Economic Recovery,” stated Hal Emalfarb, a partner at Emalfarb, Swan & Bain and the driver of a hybrid Prius that was converted to a plug-in vehicle now capable of 99+ MPG.

“By integrating renewable energy, in this case, the prairie winds of Illinois, to power our office and our cars, we have seamlessly accomplished the goal of a cleaner grid that leads to a reduction of green house gases. Smart grid technology will explode green jobs and local investment in the upcoming “Recovery through Retrofit” initiative announced by Vice President Biden’s Middle Class Task Force.

MC Squared Energy Services of Chicago, Illinois is committed to protecting the environment both now and in the future. “Sustainable companies like Emalfarb, Swan & Bain are adding renewable energy sources to their energy supply formula to help decrease their impact on the environment,” stated Chuck Sutton, President mc². “Renewable energy is quite simply energy generated from natural resources—like sunlight, wind power, and geothermal heat. By their very nature, renewable energy sources can be replenished in a short period of time.”

It is important to note that the Carbon Day Automotive charging station in Highland Park is the first to be powered by energy derived from the wind in the world but is not the only one in the Chicago area powered by renewable energy. The Department of Fleet Maintenance in Chicago has installed a Carbon Day Automotive charging station along with a specially designed solar energy canopy that uses the sun’s energy. Carbon Day’s initiatives to harness energy from the sun and wind energy provide a cleaner grid daily.

Carbon Day is committed to raising public awareness about the need to lower our collective carbon footprint. The company is involved in grass roots efforts, community programs, and federal and state legislation aimed at encouraging everyone to Play a Part in environmental change. Through Carbon Day’s efforts, September 15th has been designated an annual holiday in the State of Illinois, to educate and involve citizens in programs.

To create a better tomorrow, Carbon Day is actively supporting the building of a national transportation electrification grid and is at the forefront of deploying a Midwest Electric Vehicle Plug-In Corridor. None of this could have happened without Com Ed’s and Illinois’ Citizen Utility Board renewable energy policies which is powered by the smart grid.

For more information regarding the impact of electric vehicles on jobs in this country, call Jane Kaplan at 847.433.8594.