Suzlon order 4.2 MW from 4.2 MW from Sweden Triventus

The order from Triventus AB, the highly respected wind power developer and consultant in Sweden, comprises of two S88-2.1 MW wind turbines. The 4.2 MW Assjö wind farm, located 150 km from Göteborg and Stockholm, will be delivered by SWEAS through a contract that covers engineering, procurement and construction.

The wind energy project will be sold to Svensk Vindkorporativ Ek. Forening (SVEF), an active local wind power corporative after six months of operation. Suzlon will also sign service and maintenance partnership agreement with Triventus Energiteknik AB, subsidiary of Triventus AB, which will be applicable to future Suzlon projects in Sweden as well to ensure fast turnaround time and flexible service.

Sweden is a high potential wind energy market with more than 1,000 MW wind power already installed making it the tenth largest installed base for wind within Europe. However, with almost 3,000 MW more expected to be installed by 2013, and new orders of over 1,000 MW over 2008-09 alone, Sweden ranks as the sixth largest wind market in Europe.

In 2009, the Swedish Government set forth an integrated climate and energy policy for up to 2020. This forms the most ambitious climate and energy policy ever presented by a European country and proposes highly ambitious targets including that half of Sweden’s energy coming from renewable sources in 2020; Sweden’s net emissions of greenhouse gases being equal to zero by the middle of the century with a 40% greenhouse gas emissions reduction target for 2020.