Over 4,000 Nordex wind turbines in operation around the world

Thus, over the past 18 months, Nordex has assembled a total of 749wind  turbines with an aggregate output of 1,679.45 MW around the world. During this period, Nordex placed some 93.3 MW of wind power on line each month on average. By comparison, the installed nominal output of the 3,328 turbines in operation in April 2008 stood at just under 4,000 MW.

At the same time, the average installed output per wind turbine assembled has risen from 2.15 MW in April 2008 to a current figure of 2.24 MW, up from 1.82 MW in 2006. This reflects the strong demand for multi-megawatt wind turbines, particularly the N80, the N90 and N100, over the past few years. To date, Nordex has assembled 1,216 of these wind turbines around the world.

Nordex receive stimulus funds in U.S.

Four Arkansas businesses in the wind energy and advanced-battery industries netted more than $30 million of $2.3 billion clean energy manufacturing tax credit in the federal economic stimulus legislation this week, officials of the Arkansas Business Leaders for a Clean Energy Economy announced Thursday.

“Arkansas represents a little under one percent of the U.S. population, but we received at least 1.5 percent of the clean energy tax credits during the first round of funding,” said Eddy Moore, coordinator of the ABLCEE. “This is another indication that Arkansas is strongly positioned to benefit from the shift to a lower-carbon economy.”

Nordex, the Jonesboro windmill turbine manufacturer with facilities presently under construction, garnered one of the 20 largest awards in the nation — $22 million in support of its new manufacturing facility. Nearby American Railcar Industries, with manufacturing facilities in Paragould and Marmaduke, received more than $3.6 million to re-equip a railcar to produce huge towers needed for large-scale wind turbines.

Mitsubishi Power Systems Americas was approved for $5.1 million to help construct a new windmill nacelle manufacturing facility. Also, Little Rock’s Porocel Industries, LLC, received $2.9 million in credits to construct a new facility to supply the battery industry.