Wind Energy has consolidated as the third technology of the power system in Spain

Wind Power has increased its production by 15.57% over 2008, and for the first time in the annual calculation has overtaken coal that produced 33,844 GWh (representing a 26.86% less than last year) while the Hydraulic generated 23,887 GWh. In the entire year, wind energy has covered 14.3% of the demand compared to 11.5% in 2008.

The entire Special Scheme (including wind energy) exceeded 79,534 GWh over a net generation of 263,398 GWh and a demand in distribution of 248,440 GWh.

In December just like in November, wind energy was again the second technology of the system with 4,663 GWh (23.6% more than in 2008) and 20.1% of production ahead of the 4,138 GWh produced by nuclear which accounted for 17.4% of the total.

On the other hand, on the morning of Wednesday December 30, there was a new wind energy record reaching demand coverage of 54.1% at 3h50. The high wind production that morning, together with the high hydropower generation as a result of the reservoirs from recent rains, forced the REE Control Centre to technically minimize heat production.

These wind records must be added up to the wind energy production highs reached last November 8: 11,620 MW of simultaneous power in operation, 11,429 MW/h of hourly wind production and 251,543 MW/h of daily wind production, and 44.9 % of electricity demand that day. That same day, wind energy production covered from 03h00 till 08h30 53 per cent of demand in those hours that ranged between 21,700 and 19,700 MW.