Yingli Green Enters Deal to Supply 30MW of Solar Modules in Spain

Yingli Green Energy Holding Company Limited (NYSE: YGE) ("Yingli Green Energy" or the "Company"), one of the world’s leading vertically integrated photovoltaic ("PV") product manufacturers, announced it has signed five sales agreements with customers in Spain. Under these sales agreements, in the first half of 2010 the Company is expected to supply a total of approximately 30 MW of PV modules to be installed in ground-mounted power plants and commercial roof-top systems.

"We are pleased to see continued demand for our high quality modules in Spain," said Mr. Liansheng Miao, Chairman and Chief Executive Officer of Yingli Green Energy. "Following the global financial crisis and the Spanish market’s sharp decline in early 2009 resulting from the constraints on annual installation volumes, Yingli Green Energy has been enhancing our marketing and execution capabilities. We are encouraged by our progress as customers increasingly view ‘Yingli Solar’ as a reliable, trustworthy and bankable brand."

"With solid customer bases and effective strategies in place for Europe and globally, we look forward to a promising year ahead," Mr. Miao concluded.

Yingli is currently one of the largest manufacturers of PV products in China as measured by annual production capacity, with an annual production capacity of 600 megawatts of polysilicon ingots and wafers, 600 megawatts of PV cells and 600 megawatts of PV modules. Its products and services substantially cover the entire PV industry value chain from the manufacture of multicrystalline polysilicon ingots and wafers, PV cells, PV modules and PV systems to PV system installation.

As the largest integrated manufacturer in China, Yingli controls the entire production process and optimizes each individual component that goes into making a module. From the latest generation technology used in our wafering and cell manufactured process, to the highest quality components used in array and module assembly, Yingli is committed to delivering a top quality module. We produce a wide variety of module types that reflect the requirements of on-grid systems, off-grid systems and other configurations.

With a growing international team comprised of experienced professionals in the industry, Yingli believes collaborative commercial relationships will continue to drive the fast growth of the industry. Our continuously improving quality assurance programs and the international certifications of our products demonstrate a commitment to quality and our customer’s needs.