SeaEnergy and EDP win Moray wind offshore site

The win is part of the UK Round 3 awards and was confidently expected by the companies. SeaEnergy Renewables, an 80%-owned subsidiary of the UK group, and Portugal’s EDPR have been awarded exclusive rights to develop wind farm sites within Zone 1 of the round.

The companies have formed a joint venture, Moray Offshore Renewables Limited, to develop the zone.

SeaEnergy Renewables has the right to retain a 25% working interest in MORL and all designated wind farm developments within the zone, while EDPR holds a 75% stake.

Forty applicants put forward Round 3 applications for the nine zones which the Crown Estate opened to tender in June 2008. It aims to deliver 25 GW of wind power installed capacity.

Crown Estate chief executive Roger Bright said the installed capacity proposed by offshore wind energy developers for 2020 would supply a quarter of the UK´s electricity needs.

‘This means the UK will have a secure and low-carbon electricity supply. In addition, the UK economy will benefit as offshore wind is a growth industry that will create new businesses and jobs as well as attracting inward investment.’

MORL will begin its data-gathering process within the zone shortly, which will include bird and mammal studies, recording of metocean information and wind source analysis within the Moray Firth.

The company says the process will take at least two years, ahead of planning consents which should be submitted in early 2013.

SeaEnergy chairman Steve Remp said, ‘The UK Round 3 awards mark a new dawn for Britain?s offshore wind potential, and coupled with our existing projects in Scotland and Taiwan we are very excited to be at the heart of it.’