Integra Wind Services: New Jobs in Wind Energy in Oklahoma

Through Oklahoma City’s Strategic Investment Program, Integra will receive economic development funds from the city. "This program helps us build our capitol, replenish our capitol, I should say so we can continue to grow" says David Tedford, Integra Wind Services.

If it fills all the 205 wind power positions with local workers, the city would give Integra $820,000. For every job the new company receives or $4,000. The investment program was passed by the voters in 2007.

It encourages economic growth in Oklahoma City by providing incentives to businesses that bring in good paying jobs for local workers.

The Greater Oklahoma City Chamber says the company met the strict requirements to qualify for the program

Integra only receives the money once it hires local workers. The city council approved the economic development funding for the new company back in December.

Integra Wind Services helps wind energy project developers, wind farm owners, and Original Equipment Manufacturers maximize profits and ensure project success. 

Oklahoma had 865 megawatts of wind power installed as of 30 September last year, a fraction of its potential that could reach 100,000 MW.

Integra Wind Services LLC has a wide variety of in-house capabilities which include:

* Site consultation, data analysis, site planning and layout
* Site NEPA studies and Environmental Site Assessments
* Site road and turbine base construction
* Erection and turbine construction
* Mechanical and electrical completions
* QA/QC inspections and repairs
* Turbine commissioning
* 3rd party auditing
* O&M services – full service operations and maintenance for utility scale wind projects
* Warranty service – to complete pre-warranty punch list and service work
* Pre and post warranty hot shot service work – to mobilize quick turn-around support teams to maintain site wide availability and production

Integra Wind Services Trucks

Integra’s service vehicles are ready to deploy on site with a full complement of personnel, tooling and PPE to meet your needs.

Integra Wind Services is a full-service provider for wind energy construction, unscheduled repair, and operations and maintenance. Integra is a third-party service provider and operates independent of OEM’s. Integra focuses on maximizing long-term productivity which ensures a higher return on investment for project owners.

Integra’s business is founded on the execution of quality performance to meet our customers’ expectations while maintaining the highest level of safety, integrity and environmental care in everything we do. Integra Wind Services’ approach comes from vast industry experience, financial strength, and quality expertise.

Integra Wind Services is the company that embraces the opportunity to serve both the environment and the industry. Integra Wind Services has a comprehensive Environmental, Health, and Safety program, documenting our compliance to all federal, state and local requirements. Integra provides continuous and comprehensive training for every technician; Integra Wind Services makes safety its top priority.