China & Global Lithium Battery Industry Summit 2010

Many Chinese companies are spending more resources on this industry, e.g. replacing labor-intensive operation with automatic or semi-automatic equipment, developing proprietary technologies, enhancing quality certification, upgrading product quality and productivity, and moving into high-end market. These are the trends of China’s lithium battery industry.

In September 2009, CBI organized in Shenzhen the 2009 International Lithium Battery & Raw Material Market & Technology Forum. This event was attended by over 150 delegates from lithium battery producing companies and material suppliers. The speakers touched on the market and technology issues related to lithium batteries, e.g. the stability of the material quality, the concentration of Chinese battery producers in 2nd- and 3rd-tier markets, etc. The neutrality and objectivity of the discussions were highly appreciated by all participants.

Based on the success in 2009, CBI will present Lithium Battery Conference Series in 2010 to boost international exchange on lithium batteries. On April 27 and 28, the first stop of the 2010 Conference Series will make its debut in Shenzhen. The first day will focus on key materials and technologies for lithium battery, so as to facilitate the exchange between lithium industries of China and the rest of the world. The second day will theme downstream market prospects, aiming at clarifying for the market players the downstream applications and their outlooks, i. e. electric vehicles, scooters, tools, and power storage.