Wind energy atlas published in Bolivia

It was elaborated by the company 3TIER, in agreement with the World Bank. It defines the zones in Bolivia where wind power can be used to generate electrical energy. The CEO of the company Transportadora de Electricidad (TDE), will make delivery of this data base to the Bolivian Catholic University (UCB) San Pablo, which will deliver the information to interested companies.

The Director of the Socioeconomic Research Institute (IISEC) of the UCB, informed that the negotiations with the Panamanian company have define that the information be administered in Masters for the Development of the Bolivian Catholic University “San Pablo” promoting research in projects using wind energy.

The information has free access but if a company requires initiating a project, it will have to get in contact with the Panamanian company to receive the necessary information.

Empresa Nacional de Electricidad (ENDE) of Bolivia is developing a pilot project to generate wind power in the altiplano region. The wind farm envisages a generating capacity of 5 MW.