GRUPO SANJOSE gets ahead with its wind power expansion in Argentina

Groups Sanjose was selected in the opening celebrated in Buenos Aires in relation with the national and international Public tenders convened by Argentina Energy, Inc. ( ENARSA) for the supply of electrical energy from the renewable sources by a total 1.000 MW. which 500 Mw. is specifically of a wind energy.

Sanjose, through its subsidiary Sanjose Argentina S.A in the Association with Unitec Energy S.A (CORPORACIÓN AMERICA Inc.) and Invap Sociedad del Estado, presented the Offer for the development of two Wind farmss in the province of Río Noir by a total 100 MW.
This development is included in the diversification that Sanjose does in the Energy and the Environment areas and joins it to those which are present in Spain, in Latin America and in Rumania.

Argentina’s long coastline and vast open expanses make it an ideal location for harnessing wind power and generating electricity, yet relatively high costs of wind turbine technology have resulted in a lack of large scale investment in this sector.

To date Argentina’s ventures in harnessing wind power have taken place largely in Patagonia and also in the province of Buenos Aires. The Patagonian city of Comodoro Rivadavia derives 10% of its electrical supply from wind farms.

The Argentina government plans to have an 8% renewables share in its energy matrix by 2016. Argentina has only 26 MW of wind power in operation today.