Acciona obtains a preallocation of 1100 MW for renewables in Spain

Acciona has obtained a preallocation in the Special Regime Register for 36 renewable electricity generation installations totaling 1104 MW, of which 824 MW are in wind farms, 250 MW in CSP and 30 MW in biomass. The electricity produced in these facilities, representing 12% of the capacity preallocated by the Ministry of Industry, will be remunerated under the Special Regime in Spain as established in Royal Decree-Law 6/2009.

Acciona has obtained the registration of the five CSP projects it had presented, all of them with a capacity of 50 MW: Alvarado (also called ‘La Risca’); Palma del Río I and Palma del Río II (in Andalusia), and Orellana and Majadas (in Extremadura). These 250 MW have been included in Phase 1 of the four established by the Spanish Cabinet on November 13th, which means that the facilities can enter service as soon as their construction is completed. They represent 28% of the CSP capacity preallocation in this first phase and 11% of the total preallocated capacity.

Twenty-nine wind power projects have also been entered in the Register totaling 824.25 MW (13% of the preallocated total in wind energy technology) and 774.75 MW in attributable terms (12%).

Thirteen of the wind farms (total capacity 441.45 MW) are located in the region of Valencia: Boira, Losilla, Salomon, Benalaz, Benalaz II, El Mulatón, Las Bodeguillas, La Solana, Rincón del Cabello and Alto Palancia III (the acquisition of the last-named will be completed by the end of this year), all 100% owned by the company, and Peñas de Dios, Peñas de Dios II and Cerro de la Nevera, in which the company has a 50% stake through Renomar.

Five windparks (total capacity 159.6 MW) are located in Andalusia: Viento de Alcalá, Castellana, Loma de Lázaro, Llano del Espino and Cerro Gaviria. Another five, totaling 126 MW, are situated in the region of Castilla y León: Celada I, Celada V, Peña Nebina, Sierra Sesnández and Cerro de la Mira. A further five are in Castilla-La Mancha: El Relumbrar, Peralejo, Escepar, Villamayor and El Chaparro (total capacity 92 MW) and one in Galicia: Goa (5.20 MW).

In the field of biomass, two projects by Acciona have been entered in the preallocation Register: Miajadas and Alcázar de San Juan, with 30 MW (34% of the preallocated total). Given that the capacity objectives stated for this technology in the National Renewable Energy Plan 2005-2010 have not been achieved, the Register will remain open for the presentation of new applications for preallocation of biomass plants.

Acciona Energy focuses its activity on wind power. Its installed capacity in this field was 7,573 MW at 30 September 2009. It has implemented 266 windparks with 7,194 wind turbines (both for itself and for other customers), making it the world leader in the development and construction of wind power facilities.

Acciona Energy’s installed wind power capacity in Spain totals 5,847 MW (77% of the total figure).

The windparks owned by Acciona – 208 – account for 6,101 MW at 30 September 2009 (with 5,235 MW attributable to the company). Windparks installed for other customers (58) total 1,472 MW.

The wind farms installed by Acciona are located in fourteen countries on the five continents: Spain, the United States, Canada, Mexico Australia, India, South Korea, Germany, Italy, Portugal, Greece, Hungary, France and Morocco (in the last two countries, through facilities constructed by other companies).

At present, Acciona is building or developing windparks in many of the countries cited above, in addition to others in the United Kingdom, Chile, Croatia, Poland and Slovenia.


Up to the third quarter of 2009, Acciona Energy has produced 7,573 GWh in its own facilities (6,356 GWh attributable to the company). Its wind energy production in Spain represents 70.18% of the total generation.