Areva commissions first wind power offshore project in Germany

Areva via its German subsidiary Multibrid, has successfully installed and commissioned the first six M5000 wind turbines for the Alpha Ventus wind energy project, the first German offshore wind park located in the North Sea, 45 kilometers off the island of Borkum.

The group is creating a reference in the offshore wind energy industry with its 5 MW turbines specially designed for offshore conditions. This major achievement demonstrates the technical feasibility of AREVA’s M5000 wind turbine design and confirms the relevance of the associated installation and servicing activities carried out by the group.

Under the terms of the contract signed with DOTI*, the six wind turbines have now entered the test phase scheduled to end this winter. The wind turbines have already generated around 30 million KWh since commissioning. During the second half of November, they ran at full load i.e. 30 MW thanks to the excellent wind conditions and generated nearly 10 million kWh with an availability of more than 99%.

"This pioneering project will have a dynamic impact on the European offshore wind power market and position AREVA to become a major supplier of state-of-the-art offshore wind turbines. Our operating experience will help set the standards for the offshore wind industry, thereby facilitating project bankability for our customers", emphasized Anil Srivastava, CEO of AREVA Renewables.

* Deutsche Offshore Testfeld und Infrastrukturgesellschaft, comprising E.ON, Vattenfall and EWE as shareholders

Areva, through its subsidiary Multibrid, has executed a binding Memorandum of Understanding (MoU) with the company Wetfeet Offshore Windenergy GmbH, to supply eighty M5000 turbines for the offshore Global Tech 1 wind farm (400 MW). Under the terms of the agreements, AREVA will also provide commissioning, testing and maintenance services. Foundations, transport and erection offshore are excluded from the scope.

After coming into force of the definitive agreements, the order will be worth more than 700 million euros. In addition, an option for the delivery of further wind turbines was mentioned in the MoU.

Global Tech 1 is located 90 kilometres from the coast in the German North Sea. Delivery is scheduled for 2011-2012. The wind farm will generate 1.4 billion kWh per year, and provide one million users.

Willi Balz, CEO of Wetfeet Offshore Windenergy, comprising among others the municipal utilities HEAG Südhessische Energie AG (“HSE”) and Stadtwerke München GmbH (“SWM”) said: “Our clear target is the efficient and solid realization of the wind farm ‘Global Tech 1’ in the North Sea.”

“Only a few manufacturers worldwide are able to deliver reliable 5 MW wind turbines. In AREVA we found the ideal partner to build Global Tech 1 and further projects in the pipeline. Furthermore, the company culture and the exceptional customer focus of Multibrid are a good match with the values of Wetfeet Offshore Windenergy” emphasized Willi Balz and the chairmen of the two municipal utilities, Albert Filbert (HSE) and Dr. Kurt Mühlhäuser (SWM).

Anil Srivastava, CEO of the Renewables business unit, said “We are very proud to have been selected by Wetfeet Offshore Windenergy, one of the most efficient and competitive project developers. The decision illustrates the trust being placed in Multibrid’s state-of-the art offshore technology and gives Areva a strong foothold on the burgeoning European offshore market