Endesa and Barcelona city hall join forces to roll out the electric vehicles

A “LIVE Office” has been set up in the city for the joint development and promotion of electricity-motored driving in Barcelona.

Endesa and the Barcelona city council are to work together on the development and promotion of the electric vehicles there. To this end the entities have set up the “LIVE Office” (LIVE is an acronym for logistics for the implementation of the electric car in Spanish), whose main duties include:

• Definition and coordination of the general roadmap for the City of Barcelona for the rollout of electric cars, creating various task forces within each core division of the LIVE initiative (normalisation, European demonstrators, municipal vehicle fleet, industrial transformation, the electric motorbike, the MOVELE initiative, etc.). To this end, the LIVE Office will reach the pertinent agreements on the various initiatives devised around electric mobility: identification, management, incubation, coordination, planning, application for subsidies, etc…

• More specifically, development of the MOVELE initiative under the agreement signed with Spain’s Industry Ministry; this is one of the biggest urban mobility demonstrators in Europe, with at least 161 electric vehicle charging points, each equipped with communications infrastructure to enable intelligent connection with the power grid.

• Promotion of the city of Barcelona and ENDESA as agents committed to electric mobility, boosting focused pilot tests and creating response protocols and information channels for citizens and companies.

• Involvement in European/state consortia as well as the communication, publicity and benchmark development functions, including participation in marketing events.

• Gathering and handling of the data generated by the various demonstrator projects (users, urban and energy infrastructure, manufacturers, etc).

The Barcelona LIVE Office, made up of the City Hall of Barcelona and Endesa, will provide overall support to the various demonstrator consortia, initiatives and projects, additionally driving the following actions and strategic approaches:

• Usage of electric vehicles in municipal services via administrative contracts that contemplate their use (there are over 380 municipal and concessionaire vehicles).

• Rollout of pilot projects in District 22@, some of which are already underway.

• Monitoring of benchmarking, standardisation and local/international regulatory developments (users, companies, cities, etc).

• Analysis and tailored rollout of the electric motorbike.