THINK in Copenhagen with largest fleet of electric vehicles

THINK, the Scandinavian electric vehicle (EV) maker, and its largest fleet customer, Move About, the Norwegian car-share fleet operator, are providing 15 THINK City courtesy vehicles to the COP 15 Copenhagen United Nations Climate Change Conference 2009.

The low carbon battery electric vehicles will be on hand at the Bella Centeret conference centre from the opening of COP15 today and for the duration of the summit. All conference delegates will be invited to ride in the world’s first urban EV during their time in Copenhagen.

Move About’s THINK City vehicles will also participate in the Copenhagen Hopenhagen Live Parade on 13 December, which is a cavalcade of alternative fuels vehicles through the centre of the city to mark the close of the 2009 climate change conference.

Move About Chairman, Jarle Froshaug, said: “With our 15 THINK City cars we have the largest EV fleet here in Copenhagen, and we hope that many of the delegates, VIPs and media at COP 15 will ‘walk the talk’ and choose to ride with us, emissions free.”

THINK CEO, Richard Canny added: “We are proving that electric vehicles are a viable, safe, fun and practical method of urban transportation. We’re delighted to see governments around the world working together to accelerate this transition. This change to electric transportation is as profound as the change to the personal computer and the internet.”

He added: “THINK is proud to be a pioneer linking the new energy industry with the traditional auto industry, and our fleet of THINK City EVs proves that the change has reached a tipping point. With a range of up to 180km and zero vehicle emissions, the THINK City has to be the smart choice for visitors to ride in at COP15.”

The THINK City is the world’s first urban EV to be granted certification with the European CE conformity mark and EU homologation requirements (M1 certificate). To achieve these exacting standards, the THINK City has been through extensive testing and validation, including hundreds of computer simulations and correlations, over 50 sled tests and more than 20 full vehicle crash tests.

Sales of the THINK City have started in selected markets, such as Norway, Denmark, Sweden, The Netherlands, Switzerland and most recently, Spain. Vehicles in these countries are primarily sold to municipal fleet holders, governments and utility partners as pilot and demonstration fleets with the support of government incentives.