Woodward signs deal with REpower Woodward signs deal with REpower for delivery of wind power converters

Woodward Governor Company (NASDAQ: WGOV) announced that it signed a contract with REpower Systems AG to supply wind turbine power converters for five projects in the Canadian province of Quebec under the Hydro-Quebec Distribution wind energy project.

REpower will deliver wind turbines that provide up to 954 MW of power. The agreement between REpower and Woodward includes up to 477 wind power converters to be delivered between 2011 and 2015.

"Woodward is proud to be selected as the single-source supplier for the power converters to REpower for the Hydro-Quebec project," said Gerhard Lauffer, Woodward President, Electrical Power Systems. The power converters will be manufactured at Woodward’s Colorado plant and will also include content manufactured in the Gaspésie region of Canada.

"This agreement strengthens our relationship with REpower, especially in Canada and the US. In the past several years, the wind turbine market has experienced tremendous growth globally, and we are confident that we will continue to increase sales in the power conversion area in 2010 and beyond," said Mr. Lauffer.

Woodward has supplied CONCYCLE® converters for REpower wind turbines for more than eight years. The converters control the voltage and power from wind turbine generators so voltage and frequency are constant, independent of the variable rotation speed from the wind turbine. The converter ensures the delivery of high-quality power to the grid for the consumer.

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