Battery Enhancer designed to extend the life of rechargeable battery

Keva Battery Enhancer is designed as such to extend the service life of rechargeable battery two to three times. It will quick charge and save 50% of charging time.

It resumes the battery capacity and extends the standby time up to 0.5-2 times. It is processed by adopting a newly developed special material, which can activate the flowing of li-ion within the rechargeable battery, carry out fast dissolving of the deposit waste, increase the battery capacity and prolong the life span and standby time and shorten the charging time and its laminated composite technology, namely the surface layer, the main function layer and the bottom to achieve battery functions.

Keva Battery Enhancer will help your old mobile phone battery to use long time, raise battery`s charging ability, recover deteriorated batteries, shorten charge time, less frequent charging, easy to use and top of that you are helping the Mother Earth to save energy and reduce waste.

It can be fit with any mobile phone battery. It can be used on the mobile phones, MP3 set, video games, walkie-talkie, palm computer, digital camera, video recorder, video camera, notebook computer, and other electrical & electronic gadgets using rechargeable battery.

Mr. Karan Goel, CEO & founder, Keva Industries said, “Our organisation has adopted international standards in manufacturing Battery Enhancer & produced under the quality control system of ISO 9001:2008.

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