Vattenfall it will invest $837 million to enable the expansion of wind power

Billion-kronor investment in Vattenfall’s regional network will ensure the expansion of wind power. Vattenfall Eldistribution has adopted an investment program through 2020 that will provide SEK 5.8 billion to strengthening the regional network. The aim of the investment is to enable a significant expansion of wind power.

The investment program means the Vattenfall will increase the pace of wind energy connections to the regional network and increase capacity in the network by 4,500 MW over a ten-year period. The investments comprise strengthening the current facilities as well as new lines and stations.

“This decision confirms Vattenfall’s desire to support the expansion of wind power and it brings us a step closer to achieving our goal of becoming a leader in making the energy system green,” says Lauri Virkkunen, Head of Vattenfall Eldistribution.

“At present, we have many inquiries from wind power companies that want us to be able to quickly provide an offer and connection. The investment program makes it possible for us to satisfy their needs more quickly and provide more customized processing times, concessions and allow other factors that are beyond our control to progress as they will,” he adds.

Wind power companies predict an expansion to 15 TWh by year 2020, which corresponds to expanding the network to 7,500 MW. Vattenfall owns half of the regional network in Sweden and it has determined that capacity in this portion must be increased by approximately 4,500 MW.

“There is excellent potential for wind power connections in our network because it is located in an area where the conditions for wind power generation are good,” says Lauri Virkkunen.